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                         Jiangxi Kai Fu Qin Industrial Development Company Limited, is a long established joint-stock car engine parts production enterprises, is the Jiangling Motors Group, Jianghuai Automobile Group, Guangqi Hino automobile group company, Dongfeng Nissan,Jiangxi Isuzu engine company, Dongfeng Motor Group and other well-known car factoryto complete a level matching suppliers, company from establish beginning, will be based on the a high starting point of the principle of operation, research and development, production, testing equipment is advanced, the standard and the large-scale state-owned enterprise standards. Silicone oil fan clutch, company production ofwater pump, diesel filter series products have been host long-term customerverification and production facilities. Through the ISO/TS16949, ISO9001 certification system, is an important professional supplier of automobile and engineeringmechanical power cooling system and solution provider.

                   Comfort Inn and diligent people are seeking to develop wider, and strive to become theimportant Chinese and Asia area of automobile engine parts production base. Invites you to join our big family, to expand the cause of world, we will take the science and technology, products and your common wealth and career achievements of continuous innovation summit.

                友情鏈接: 百度 中鐵快運電話


                三亞婚紗而那旋风并没有因为与朱俊州照 深圳寫字樓裝修公司 富鴻祥裝修 南山裝修公司 依龍電子
                江西▼凱富勤實業發展有限公司 地址:中國 江西 南昌市 小藍經濟開發區玉湖路128號
                Jiangxi Kaifuqin Industry Development Co., Ltd. Address: No.128 Yuhu Road, Xiaolan Economic Development Zone, Nanchang, P.R. of China
                技術支持: 易動立马上了车力網絡 贛ICP備09012748 號